Our Baldauf wine estate is located in the Franconian village Ramsthal. The local climate, the soil and the local wine tradion provide the ideal conditions for the unique flavour of our wines.


Ramsthal, a village with roughly 1180 inhabitants and surrounded by 5000 hectares of vineyards, is regarded as the centre of Franconian wine culture in the region of the river Franconian Saale in Germany. The town is sheltered in the valley and is surrounded by steep sun exposed limestone slopes, which is one important factor for the distinctive character of our wines in addtion to the influence of the local special climate. We are proud of our long tradition in creating wine.

Ramsthal - a Franconian village with charm

The cultivation of wine has influenced the way of living along the river Franconian Saale. Wine is a popular drink, lots of festivals during the year are devoted to this noble beverage. You will also find several inns ("Heckenwirtschaft"), where vintners are allowed to sell their wines alongside a few traditional dishes. In summer you will be offered wine, in autumn it is rather "Federweißer".


Region Ramsthal - Franconian Saale valley

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