In our winery you will certainly find your favourite selection thanks to our fine and distinguished assortmentt of good wines:

There are different types of wines with a dry, semi dry or sweet character, there are typical German specialities such as Trockenbeerenauslese or Eiswein and of course you may choose from red and white wines, sparkling wines, seccos and more.


It is our intention to produce individual digestable wines with a intense fruity character. We are of the opinion that the diversity and the character of the grape must be maintained. The whole process of production is done very carefully – we even harvest our grapes by hand. Partly our wines mature in wooden barrels. This is the reason why we highly recommand to taste our Barrique red wines – they have matured for months in little barrique barrels and therefore reached perfection.

Since 1989 we also offer 2 sparkling wines:
One of them is produced in the same way as Champagne and another one in the style of a prosecco (which we call Pricolino). If you look for primeur wines you will also find them (by November).


We are a member of the group "Frank & Frei" which means the 17 premium producers of wines that all have the same philosophy of keeping up approved traditional values. If you would like to have further information please refer to Frank & Frei-Wine


Presents keep friendships alive

Gifts are always good in order to keep friendships, this is how a German saying goes.

Hence, if you want to send a present to some of your friends or customers,Weingut Baldauf - Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft

we can do that for you..


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